Know Your Tea

Photography By Robert Parente | May 09, 2016
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Herbal tea at JoJo Tea is blended specially for Zak the Baker.

The most widely consumed drink in the world other than water, tea goes back more than 4,000 years, according to Chinese legend, when dried leaves from the Camellia sinensis bush fell into boiled drinking water, creating a flavorful infusion. The evergreen plants grow primarily in tropical and subtropical climates and need at least 50 inches of rainfall a year. Teas are described by color, flavor and aroma.

Green and White

Green and white teas use the youngest buds and leaves at the tip of the branches. They are dried to prevent oxidation.


Buds and leaves at the tip of the branches are rolled and bruised to encourage oxidation and create a range of flavors. Oolong teas are partially oxidized.

Photo 1: Green tea
Photo 2: Oolong tea


The youngest buds and leaves at the branch tips are rolled and bruised to encourage oxidation. They are then baked to remove moisture and kill oxidation.


Properly called herbal infusions or tisanes, these blends of flowers, roots, barks and leaves are steeped in freshly boiled water.

Photo 1: Black tea
Photo 2: Herbal tea
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