Smoked Jalapeño and Cucumber Cooler

Warm weather? Cool down with this cooler from Afrohead Rum.

May 18, 2017


Caramelize pineapple slices and halved de-seeded jalapeños on the grill. Juice charred pineapples and a couple of charred jalapeños (to taste). Shake and strain all ingredients over fresh ice in rocks glass. Garnish with charred pineapple chunk dusted with smoked salt and cucumber wheel.


  • 1.5 oz AFROHEAD Briland 07 rum
  • 1 oz lime juice
  • 0.75 oz simple syrup
  • 1.5 oz juiced pineapple mixture
  • 0.5 oz mezcal
  • Cucumber wheel for garnish
  • Smoked salt
For the pineapple mixture:
  • 1 small slice ripe pineapple, charred on grill
  • 2-3 jalapeños, sliced and seeded, charred on grill
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